The private business of Hailu Gebre Hiwot, established in 1966, was incorporated as a family business, under the name of HAICOF LIMITED PLC, to continue exporting agricultural commodities. The Company is now well known in Europe and the USA as a dependable and high quality washed and unwashed coffee exporter. Hence, it has developed a number of long time, faithful coffee roasters and clientele. The Company’s policy dictates to trade conservatively in the infamous volatile coffee market.

The management personnel, individually and as a team, has vast experience in coffee processing and trading. Mr. Hailu Gebre Hiwot, dubbed by his associates as “Aba Bunna”, in reference to his role in first identifying Yirgacheffe beans as a superior and distinctive quality coffee back in 1960, has inadvertently enabled Ethiopia to earn premium price for this quality ever since. Yirgacheffee is one of the three well liked coffee varieties for which Ethiopia has obtained international trade marking and a major export coffee for Haicof Ltd.